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Wine Education & Food Pairing

Bruce Sandground, Management Instructor and Dave Woods, Marketing Director for Frank-Lin Wine Distributor offer a four lesson wine education and food pairing program, after school and free to all students.  The first class discusses white wine production and different varietal characteristics.  The students tasted four different wines from various regions and scored them using the American Wine Society Evaluation Chart.  The second class has four red wines to be discussed and evaluated.  The third class introduces sparkling wines and fortified wines in to the program.  The top scoring wines are brought back for the final lesson.  The students are divided into teams and pick one of the top wines.  Then, the student teams produce small plates to pair with their wines.  Prior classes have produced dishes like fried shrimp, beef short ribs , bbq pork ribs, pecan pie and flourless chocolate cake.  Students that participate in all four classes receive a certificate.  The program just started its third run on Tuesday, July 19, with 25 day and night students and will finish Friday September 2.  I can not wait to see what this class will produce.

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