New Casting For Culinary Documentary 8/26/2013

“Do you dream of attending culinary school? Or are you about to enter your first semester of culinary school this Fall/Winter? Producers are looking for potential culinary students with an interesting story to tell…

If you are about to enter a culinary or pastry program, or if you dream of doing so, then we want to hear your story. You could be invited to take part in a documentary series on a national cable TV network. Producers are currently looking for new or potential students of all ages and from all walks-of-life. Students would need to be willing to share their experiences, all background on their ‘story,’ and how they found their way to culinary school with the film crew throughout their first semester. If you’re interested and could potentially enter culinary school between September 23rd and January 13th, please email your name, age, two photos, and a description of your path to culinary school to:”

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