ACI Alumna Cristina Brogan: Crafting Culinary Fusion at Four Chimneys

ACI Alumna Cristina Brogan: Crafting Culinary Fusion at Four Chimneys

ACI Graduate, Sous Chef Cristina Brogan, left, and Executive Chef Daniel Jackson. Photo: Manchester Journal by Anne Archer-Journal correspondent

In the heart of Bennington, where culinary traditions meet innovation, ACI graduate Sous Chef Cristina Brogan is infusing her passion and expertise into the esteemed dishes at Four Chimneys Inn Restaurant. Together with Executive Chef Daniel Jackson, they are redefining fine dining with a blend of French culinary foundations and an adventurous global twist.

Since its opening, Four Chimneys has become a canvas for Cristina’s culinary artistry. Trained in Classic French Cuisine and with a flair for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free cooking, Cristina brings diversity and depth to the menu. Her favorite dish, a bacon-wrapped chicken breast, transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary with onion and balsamic jam and a rich gruyere béchamel.

Specials like the panko-crusted ahi tuna roll with soy and pickled ginger showcase the team’s ability to harmonize complex flavors. Cristina’s dedication to “the yummies,” as Chef Jackson fondly refers to the restaurant’s sweet and savory offerings, ensures that every plate is a journey of discovery for the palate.

At Four Chimneys, respect for the past meets the excitement of the present. Cristina honors the legacy of the restaurant while bringing her vibrant twist to classic dishes. This dedication to innovation within tradition is a testament to the foundational skills and creative freedom fostered at ACI.

The restaurant, nestled in a building rich with history and adorned in modern colonial design, invites diners to immerse themselves in a complete sensory experience. Guests are encouraged to arrive early and unwind with a selection from the thoughtful bar offerings, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining adventure.

Cristina Brogan’s journey through the kitchens of ACI to the refined tables at Four Chimneys is a testament to the institute’s commitment to excellence and diversity in culinary education. At ACI, Cristina honed her skills in a variety of cooking styles, allowing her to confidently bring vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options to the forefront of a traditionally French menu. Arizona Culinary Institute’s balanced blend of classical training and encouragement of individual flair undoubtedly set the stage for Cristina to excel in a professional setting, where she now crafts dishes that are as inclusive as they are exquisite.

ACI’s focus on real-world culinary applications, coupled with a nurturing environment for personal creativity, fosters chefs who are not just proficient in technique, but also in adaptability and innovation. This approach not only equips graduates like Cristina to meet the high demands of today’s diverse culinary landscape but also imbues them with the confidence to infuse their unique perspectives into every dish they create.

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