Trust Your Gut: Why Listening to Your Intuition Could Be the Key to Unlocking Your Dream Career

Trust Your Gut: Why Listening to Your Intuition Could Be the Key to Unlocking Your Dream Career

Can we rely on that feeling deep in our stomachs? That feeling gives us an overwhelming sensation to urge us in one direction. Can we make solid decisions off this instinct, this internal intuition? No, that deep rumble inside you isn’t a hunger pain. It’s your gut instinct telling you to listen.

We all try to make the best decisions for ourselves in life that we can. But how do we make those decisions when it’s something new? Like where to attend culinary school, or where should I work?

Some of these things are a shot in the dark, a moment of opportunity, or a hunch we go on. Whatever is propelling you forward, excellent decision-makers have learned to listen to their intuition. Our inner intuition keeps us safe. This internal mechanism can evoke our primal instincts for fight or flight. Big decisions, life-changing decisions, can be scary to make. We must listen to ourselves, do the most research we can, and go with our gut. I have always tried to envision myself in that future role. I try to feel how it makes me think. If I’ve made up my mind and can sleep “somewhat” peacefully at night, I know I’ve made the right decision.

While going through school and managing all these expectations and decisions you must make, don’t forget that little guiding voice in your head. That primal gut instinct gently guides you in the direction you need to go. You are not alone, whether it’s a new job or a new path. One of us Chefs is always here to talk it out, give input if needed, or listen and say nothing.

Nervousness, being scared, and being worried, those things are natural. It means we care. It means it’s important to us. So go for it. What have we got to lose? You only fail if you never really try.

So, whether it’s a scientific fact or something we tell ourselves, I believe gut instincts are real. Listen to it. It may just help you get to exactly where you need to be.