A Note From The Executive Chef February 2019

A Note From The Executive Chef February 2019

Hello everyone.  I know this is a bit overdue, but I want to wish a Happy New Year to all the folks reading this newsletter.  This time of year is always the “crazy-time” here in the Valley.  Between car shows, and golf, and wonderful weather, and Spring Training right around the corner, everyone is busy and working and getting-it-done!  It’s nice knowing that our graduates are scattered around the Valley helping make this time of year possible for all the busy restaurants, resorts, and catering outfits.

The two main things on the horizon that I feel are worth mentioning are our upcoming Open House, and our participation in the Honor House’s 3rd Annual Patriot Run.

Our next Open House will be on Saturday, March 2nd, from 9am until noon.  It’s going to be a pretty standard Open House, with food and tours and all the info you could ever want.  Stop by and say hello!

On Sunday, March 24th we will be joining the Honor House for their 3rd annual Patriot Run.  The Honor House is one of our Veteran partner organizations, and they work with us closely at our Veteran Culinary Bootcamp classes.  They host this event every year to help raise money for their organization.  ACI will have a booth at the event with food and information, and Chef Macc and myself will be participating in the run.  They have 3 distance options, then longest of which is a 10k race.  If you want to join me and Chef Macc, just search “2019 Patriot Run 4 Honor House” to register!  We’d love to see you there.

Take care until next time.  Enjoy this amazing time of year in Arizona!

Chef Christopher Wolf, ccc, cce, csw, cpi
Executive Chef, Arizona Culinary Intitute