A Note from the Executive Chef May 2019

A Note from the Executive Chef May 2019

Hello Everyone,

Summer is coming.  Bring on the heat!  It’s only a few weeks away…..if you haven’t started hydrating yet, now’s the time!  And, it’s just in time to welcome our newest incoming class that will be starting on Monday, May 20th.  No cooks in Arizona can truly ever “escape” the summer, but at least here at ACI the kitchens are more comfortable than many!  We look forward to your arrival.

A quick reminder that the ACI campus will be closed on Monday, May 27th in honor of Memorial Day.  That means no classes will be in session, and the offices will be closed as well.

On Friday, May 31st we will be hosting our summer graduation ceremony to celebrate all of the wonderful people who have completed the program in the first half of 2019.  I know I always say this, so I apologize for sounding repetitive, but I really do love graduation days.  Watching all of you walk across the stage and honoring your accomplishment has to be one of the most rewarding parts of this job.  This coming July will mark my 13th year of being at ACI, and it is still so exciting to be helping students become ready for the industry.  Congratulations in advance!!!

Our next Open House will be on Saturday, June 15th.  It’s still over a month away, and details are still falling into place, but rumor-has-it that there may be a Molecular Gastronomy class happening.  Stay tuned :o).  In addition, we’ll have the usual combination of food, tours, Chef Instructors, and smiling faces.  It’s always a good time to stop by and say hello.

Also coming up on the distant horizon, ACI will be helping with the Henry Schuerman tribute dinner up at Page Springs Cellars, now for the 4th year in a row.  I personally look forward to this event every year.  The date of the dinner is on Friday, June 21st.  If you have any desire to lend a hand, we always take about 8-12 student volunteers with us each year.  It’s pretty special to be able to cook for about 120 people out on the Vineyard, as the sun-sets behind the hills.  Tickets are also available to the dinner online at tiltedearthfestival.com.  5 food courses, 5 Arizona wineries, what more could you want?!?

       Happy cooking everyone!

Chef Christopher Wolf, ccc, cce, csw, cpi
Executive Chef, Arizona Culinary Institute