A Note From Executive Chef Christopher Wolf


Congratulations everyone…we just survived another Arizona summer. Now, let’s enjoy the next 8 months! For starters, dinner service in Du Jour is going on for about another 4 weeks. Chef Villarico and his crew will be cooking for the public on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Students still receive 50% off, so if you’re the type of person that likes getting a beautiful 4-course meal for well under 20 bucks (with your discount), you should probably make reservations!
Our next open house is on Saturday, October 11th. We have two cool events happening that day in addition to the open house: the first is a Sugar Workshop with Chef DeWitt. She’ll be offering a 3 hour intensive day of sugar work. EVERYONE could use more practice playing with sugar! Plus, I’m sure she’ll pull out a few tricks she doesn’t use every day. We cap all of our classes at 20 students, so get your name on that list (just call the school to sign up). Secondly, we will be having a student PIZZA COOKOFF!!!!! We will be allowing 10 students (both past and present) to square off in a pizza cooking competition. It’s gonna be a blast, and delicious. There is no cost to sign up, and we’re only allowing 10 competitors, so if you think you’ve got the fighting spirit for this one, sign up through the school and we’ll give you all the details/rules.
There’s always more, but I don’t like to give away too much at once, so stay tuned. The Arizona Culinary Institute never sleeps! Happy cooking.

Chef Christopher Wolf, CCC, CCE, CPI, CSW

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