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  • Oct2014

ACI Student Fellowship Program

ACI Fellowship Program A new opportunity for excelling students to continue their education with our instructors, and even use the program to fulfill their externship requirements. Starting November 10th, we are rolling out the new ACI Fellowship Program. This is an opportunity for students that have demonstrated excellent performance at the school to continue their educational

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  • Sep2014


As we somberly pass the tragic thirteenth anniversary of 9-11 (now Patriot Day, September 11), here at Arizona Culinary Institute, we now joyfully celebrate Constitution Day, September 17, commemorating the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787 (Happy 227!!!), recognizing all who, are born in the Unites States or by

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  • Jun2014

June 2014 Graduation Program

here is the June 2014 list of Graduating students from Arizona Culinary Institute Graduation program 6-2014

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  • Apr2014

Molecular Gastronomy Class 4-12-2014

Here are scenes from today's Molecular Gastronomy Class held during ACI,s open house. Special thanks to Chef Christopher Wolf, CCC, CCE, CPI, CSW ACI's Executive Chef for teaching the class. Thanks to all of the students who attended.   [gallery ids="1535,1536,1537,1538,1539,1540,1541,1542,1543,1544,1545,1546,1547,1548,1549,1550,1551,1552"]

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  • Mar2014

A note from ACI’s Executive Chef Christopher Wolf. 3-2014

From Executive Chef Christopher Wolf, CCC, CEC, CPI, CSW March has been BUSY!  What an exciting month here at ACI!  Where to begin?  Well, we had our first ACI wine flight school, and it sold out way faster than expected.  We brought in 4 very cool wines (not your everyday stuff), and then paired 4 food

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