A Note from the Executive Chef March 2019

A Note from the Executive Chef March 2019

“Happy Spring” everybody!  I hope the busy-season is treating you well.  Things here on campus are exciting as always.  We’re getting ready to take a week off from classes to celebrate Spring Break.  The campus will be open from 9-5 each day next week, but there will be no classes in session.  We will resume teaching on Monday, April 8th, and we’ll also be welcoming new students to the campus on that day as well.

If you come to visit us over the next couple of weeks you will notice a few new instructor faces at ACI.  We have recently welcomed Kristina Ferro to the team.  She will be training with our current Front of the House and Management team.  Janet Walter has joined the team as well.  She will be training to teach the culinary classes.  And third, when we return from Break, we’ll be welcoming Mark Chacon to the team to begin training to teach the Baking and Pastry classes.  We’re very excited to welcome these new members to our staff.

This past weekend was the 3rd Annual Patriot Run 4 Honor House.  ACI went to support the event by handing out goodies to all members in attendance.  Chef Macc and I participated in the 10k event.  Chef Macc was kind enough to let me beat him, but it was close.  It was a great event to support a great organization.

Our next Open House will be on Saturday, April 27th.  Now, I know that is the same weekend that Avengers: Endgame is coming out…trust me, I want to see it just as bad as you, but you will still have plenty of time to come visit us.  We’ll have brunch-y food to snack on, tours of the campus, I’ll be teaching the Veteran class on Vegetable Cookery, AND, Chef Santos Villarico will be teaching one of his famous Garde Manger-Fruit and Vegetable carving classes.  If you haven’t taken that class yet, it’s a must-do.  He’s the man!  Just call the school to sign up.  Remember:  the extra-curricular classes are open to every person that has ever attended ACI, past or present, so don’t be shy!

That’s it for now folks.  Let’s do this again in April, ok?  See you then!

Chef Christopher Wolf, ccc, cce. csw. cpi.
Executive Chef Arizona Culinary Institute