A note from the Executive Chef March 2018

A note from the Executive Chef March 2018

Greetings Everyone

Arizona sure is popular this time of year.  Between all the major events, the start of Spring Training, and the beautiful weather, AZ is definitely the place to be right now.  Hopefully business is good at all the restaurants you’re working at!

We want to welcome our most recent class of day-program-students that joined us on Tuesday, February 20th!  We hope that your time with us at ACI is all you hoped it would be!

The weekend of March 9th, 10th, and 11th, ACI will be in the town of Cave Creek helping out with the Sonoran Arts League’s:  Sonoran Festival of the Arts.  It is a festival celebrating a wide variety of art forms featuring some of Arizona’s best artists.  ACI will be there to represent the culinary arts, so each day we’ll have one of our instructors there demonstrating our craft!  Also, the event needs additional student helpers to assist with some catering tasks.  So, if you’re free that weekend, looking for something to do, want to spend some time surrounded by amazing local artists, and feel like helping support the Sonoran Arts League, call the school and talk to Chef Wolf for volunteer opportunities.

That’s it my friends.  Keep cooking.  Keep making us proud.  And, do your best to stay out of the weeds during this crazy-busy-season!

Chef Christopher Wolf, ccc, cce, cpi, csw
Executive Chef Arizona Culinary Institute