Instructor Profile 2021

Instructor Profile 2021

Hello from Chef Allison Newton and the flour filled Bakeshop at Arizona Culinary Institute!

I have always been excited to share my passion for all things baking, cooking, and science with anyone and everyone.  My biggest drive in life has always been answering the question “Why?”.  I am a curious about person and wondered- what causes things to rise, how does pressure affect your products, how exactly does baking powder and baking soda differ in a recipe?

I grew up on a farm in Iowa and was lucky to have the opportunity to experience fresh food, raising animals, and wide-open spaces.  Growing up near a small town limited some of my experiences but also gave me so many opportunities.  Since I was so rural, I spent most of my time reading.  My grandparents bought my family a set of encyclopedias and I was so hungry for information about other parts of the world, animals, and food that I would often find myself actually reading the World Book Encyclopedia.

In high school I took Fall Foods and Spring Foods courses originally to be a typical high schooler and eat and have fun.  Well, I had all the fun and took it very seriously!

I went on as a young adult to work in the industry instead of going forward with community college plans to study agribusiness- and then made the jump to attend culinary school in Arizona. I will never regret my decision. I love what I do, and I have done everything from super high-end catering, baking, line work, wedding cake decorating, and finally teaching.

I love to share knowledge and don’t believe in secret recipes- I will share all I have with you!  I hope to help you unlock the secrets of food so you can also share your love for food and the flavors you have inside you!

Chef Allison Newton-Instructor Basic Baking/Advanced Baking/Basic Culinary Arts