February 2014 A Note from ACI’s Executive Chef

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Greetings Culinarians and Friends,


After my January 2014 update, I was having a conversation with a former student of ACI/friend about the update that I had written.  He mentioned that he hadn’t realized that I had been promoted to the Executive Chef of the school.  So I figured, to avoid future confusion, I would address that topic in this update.  So YES, in case anyone else has not heard the news, I, Chef Wolf, in November of 2013, was promoted to Executive Chef of the Arizona Culinary Institute.  I feel honored that Chef Wilson thought highly enough of me to offer me this position.  The main purpose of the promotion was to take some of the responsibilities off of Chef Wilson’s VERY full schedule.  One of the things he asked me to do was write a monthly update about things happening at the school, so you should expect to see an update like this each month.


OK, now that is out of the way, we can move on!  We just started our February day class start, and we began a night class as well.  The extracurricular class schedule is still awaiting final approval, but I do know for a fact that the first one will be on Saturday, April 12th…..and it’s on MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY!!!  The class is limited to 20 people and the cost is $25 per person, due at sign up, non-refundable (to pay for the liquid nitrogen).  Sign up soon!  We are still having dinner service at the school, so if you haven’t made it in yet:  GET HERE!  Take advantage of your student discount!  Lastly, we will be hosting a wine tasting and education event in March that is open to both students AND the public.  If it goes well, this will become a regular event.  As with all things at ACI, the quality will be high, and the cost will be affordable.  If you like wine, this is NOT to be missed.  Until next time, happy cooking!


Chef Christopher Wolf, CCC, CCE, CPI, CSW
Executive Chef , Arizona Culinary Institute

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