Classic Cooking Academy

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After 16 years of operation, Classic Cooking Academy has become one of the most popular cooking schools in metropolitan Arizona.

Are you a knife-shy beginner cook? Would you like to expand your home-cooking skills? Do you want to take your culinary arts dreams to the next level? You have found the right culinary school! Our professionally trained instructors will guide you through your experience and there are multiple options to choose from. Our Practical or Pastry Series is for the serious in mind or attend one of our single cooking classes that were designed to balance hands-on learning and fun. Private and professional groups may also reserve their own cooking classes. Come learn techniques rather than just reading a recipe. At Classic Cooking Academy we are passionate about the art of cooking. Become the master of your kitchen!

Classic Cooking Academy’s vision is to become a stalwart institution committed to essential culinary education. With this in mind, Classic Cooking Academy’s mission is split into the following components:

  • To provide affordable and quality education, developing well-rounded culinary enthusiasts in both theory and technique of cuisine.
  • To offer specialized training based on modern technology and methods, which include health, nutrition, sustainability, food science, and current trends.
  • To teach traditional and contemporary concepts of product usage, dietary foundations, and skills on culinary topics.

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