Battle Of the Rising Chefs | 3/9/2011

Battle of the Rising Chefs – Shamrock Food Show 2011

On Wednesday, March 9th, two of our students (Justin Richardson and Shaye Graves) competed at the Shamrock Food Show’s “Battle of the Rising Chefs”.  The competition involved culinary schools from around the state of Arizona.  The menu needed to showcase one of the items from Shamrock’s “Pierport Seafood” as the center of the plate.  After having our own cook-off here at Arizona Culinary Institute, we chose one team to represent us at the show.  Justin and Shaye put together a great dish utilizing Halibut as the main item.  At the show, they performed very well, and were able to earn 3rd place honors!  All of the schools represented produced very nice plates, and it was very encouraging to see so much young culinary talent all in one place.  The 3rd place prize was $500 dollars for the school, and $500 dollars for the two competitors to split.  Congratulations Justin and Shaye!

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