ACI| Junior Culinary Team takes Silver Medal

Congratulations to the ACI Junior Culinary Team for winning a Silver Medal at the Robert Bland Salon State Junior Culinary Competition. The competition was held on Friday at EVIT in Mesa, Arizona. Each student was in charge of a different recipe (with an emphasis on  Escoffier originals) What makes this extra special, is that, opposed to other teams that competed last year and have been practicing for a year, our team members all just started culinary school five months ago! To be competition ready in that amount of time is phenomenal. Team members are:  Team Captain- Kevin, Donna, Matthew, Nicholas, and Rennetta. Special thanks to Chefs Phil Sayre, CEC, CCE, WCC, CPI and Glenn Humphrey CEC, CCE for their time and dedication to teaching the team what they needed to be on top .

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