ACI Graduate Chef Cord Chatham Elevates Nature-Inspired Dining at Seasons in Sedona

ACI Graduate Chef Cord Chatham Elevates Nature-Inspired Dining at Seasons in Sedona

Among the stunning red rock formations and the majestic Coconino National Forest, a new culinary adventure awaits at Seasons at Seven Canyons. Renowned for its nature-inspired dining, Seasons offers an immersive experience as captivating as its location in Sedona, Arizona.

Executive Chef Cord Chatham is an ACI graduate transforming the dining scene at Seasons with his culinary genius and passion. He has garnered an impressive list of accolades, including AZ Travel and Tourism Heart of House Manager of the Year and the prestigious Forbes Five Stars & AAA Five Diamond ratings during his stint at Kai Restaurant, the only establishment in Arizona to achieve such honors.

Chatham’s philosophy? “Everything is relative, but there is a standard that must not be deviated from,” he firmly believes. This commitment to quality is clearly visible in every dish he prepares at Seasons, blending farm-to-table ingredients to create a palette of flavors that mirror the stunning landscape surrounding Seven Canyons.

Chatham is not alone in this venture. Teamed with him is Food & Beverage Director and Events Manager Theresa Swanson, whose keen eye for detail and exemplary service complements Chatham’s culinary prowess. This powerful duo led the restaurant to earn the Golden Fork Award in 2016 for the most improved golf club restaurant and bar.

General Manager of Seven Canyons, Dave Bisbee, expresses his excitement about this culinary partnership. “We’re fortunate to have such great talent within our Seven Canyons’ family,” says Bisbee. “Chef Cord and Theresa bring new excitement to our nature-inspired dining experience while upholding our commitment to our members.”

Seasons at Seven Canyons, with its nature-inspired Southwest fare, is not just a restaurant—it’s a destination.

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This story is based on a press release published on PRWeb on May 18, 2023.