Certificate in Culinary Arts

Basic Culinary Arts I – 6.5 Credits ( 105 Hours )

Prerequisites: None.

Students are given a thorough introduction into the basic skills, techniques, concepts and theory involved in professional cooking. Emphasis is given to Classical French cooking theory including the principles of Escoffier. Garde manger, mother sauces, small sauces and a variety of traditional and modern preparation techniques are covered. Students are taught proper knife skills and handling, as well as safety and sanitation. Class is theoretical and practical.

Day Program 9 weeks in length, Night Program 14 weeks in length

Basic Culinary Arts II – 6.5 Credits ( 105 Hours )

Prerequisites: Basic Culinary Arts I

The knowledge gained in Basic Culinary Arts I is further enhanced to complete a solid foundation upon which to build. Techniques and speed are improved and refined with practice. Students learn and prepare soups, fish and shellfish and a variety of meats (chicken, beef, lamb, pork). Essential knowledge of mise en place and food presentation skills are reinforced. Class is theoretical and practical.

Saucier & Meat Fabrication – 6 Credits ( 105 Hours )

Prerequisites: Basic Culinary Arts I & II.

This course covers soups, stock making, and a variety of modern and traditional sauces. Knife and Garde Manger skills are further enhanced. Students continue to work with a variety of meat, seafood and poultry and are taught to fabricate menu items. Charcuterie is also taught in this course. Students will also learn to prepare food in larger quantities. Class is theoretical and practical.

Note: Due to the length of the certificate programs they do not qualify for Title IV funding. please contact the Financial Aid Office for other funding options. This program is accredited the the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)