Certificate in Baking and Pastry

Basic Culinary Arts I – 6.5 Credits ( 105 Hours )

Prerequisites: None.

Students are given a thorough introduction into the basic skills, techniques, concepts and theory involved in professional cooking. Emphasis is given to Classical French cooking theory including the principles of Escoffier. Garde manger, mother sauces, small sauces and a variety of traditional and modern preparation techniques are covered. Students are taught proper knife skills and handling, as well as safety and sanitation. Class is theoretical and practical.

Day Program 9 weeks in length, Night Program 14 weeks in length

Baking & Pastry – 5.5 Credits ( 105 Hours )

Prerequisites: Basic Culinary Arts I.

Students are presented with the fundamental skills used in bakeries and preparing bakery products. Baking theory is taught and applied including weights and measures, safety and sanitation. Students will prepare quickbreads, yeastbreads, croissants, cakes, pies, pastry, pastry creams, brioche, frostings and icings. Class is theoretical and practical.

Advance Baking, Pastry & Showpieces – 6 Credits ( 105 Hours )

Prerequisites: Basic Culinary Arts I, Baking and Pastry.

Baking skills are polished as students learn more difficult baking, pastry and dessert techniques. Emphasis is placed on presentation, plating and appearance. Class includes advanced pastries, chocolates, sugar casting, sugar pulling, marzipan and Isomalt, and complex cake decorating techniques. Class is theoretical and practical.

Note: Due to the length of the certificate programs they do not qualify for Title IV funding. please contact the Financial Aid Office for other funding options. This program is accredited the the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)