A Note from the Executive Chef: March 2022

A Note from the Executive Chef: March 2022

Hello ACI family!

It’s officially “Spring Break” here at the school! And by “Spring Break” what I actually mean is: every 5 years or so we have to do a calendar-reset by throwing in an extra week of vacation for students. Students get to enjoy a bonus full week off!

However, the entire staff is definitely still working. We use this time to do faculty continuing education, do some deep cleaning around the school, make small adjustments to the curriculum and class materials, etc. For instance: we all took the safeTALK suicide prevention training, we had an excellent Program Advisory Committee meeting that all of the instructors were able to attend along with about 10 members of our Advisory Committee, we’ll have a Veteran Culture training with the Arizona Coalition for Military Families, and Scottsdale Fire Department will be stopping by for some CPR/First Aid/AED training with us. It’s genuinely nice to have a chunk of time to do all of those training together. It all leads up to us being better equipped to offer our students the best experience that we can.

Anyway, I hope the Spring season is treating you all well. According to our Program Advisory Committee, everyone is still understaffed, so hopefully, none of you out there are having trouble finding jobs. If so, you know we’re here for you. Just give us a holler, and we’ll put you in contact with the right people. Take care, everyone!

Chef Christopher Wolf
Executive Chef