A note from ACI’s Executive Chef Christopher Wolf. 3-2014

From Executive Chef Christopher Wolf, CCC, CEC, CPI, CSW

March has been BUSY!  What an exciting month here at ACI!  Where to begin?  Well, we had our first ACI wine flight school, and it sold out way faster than expected.  We brought in 4 very cool wines (not your everyday stuff), and then paired 4 food courses to accompany them.  The goal was also to offer an educational component to the guests to learn more about wine.  Since it was a test-run, we priced it very low just to see if people would be interested, and they definitely were!  Because of the positive results, we’ll make few small changes and then offer another event.  Keep watching.

We have also begun the process of becoming a Certified Arizona Veteran Supportive Campus.  Working closely with the Department of Veteran Services, there are a number of small improvements we can make here at the school to ensure that our Veteran students get the best possible experience while they are here.  We are fortunate to be a small school so the changes will be relatively easy to make.  We are excited to join the short list of schools in Arizona to have the certification.

Du Jour has been PACKED!  ‘Tis the season to be busy here in AZ, and people are loving our restaurant.  If you are looking for reservations, make sure you call ahead!  Dinner service is drawing to a close for now, but it will be back later in the year.

Looking ahead, our next open house is on Saturday, April 12th from 9 to noon.  We will be having a high school cooking event and a MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY class going on during the open house.  There are only a few spots remaining for the Molecular class, so if you’re interested call  NOW to reserve your spot.  Also, if you’re a former student and you’re in the area, stop by to say hi…we miss you!

There is so much more to write, but alas, I must wrap this up.  Until next month, this is Chef Wolf wishing you success in all of your cooking endeavors.  Thanks for allowing ACI to be part of your career.



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