2014 ACI Extra Curricular Class Schedule

Arizona Culinary Institute Extra Curricular Class Schedule

April 12
Molecular Gastronomy $25
Chef Wolf

In this class you will be learning about modern culinary techniques that include the use of liquid nitrogen, sous vide cooking, powders, spherification, foams, froths, and more!  It is very hands on, and everyone will receive information about the important ratios used in many of the techniques.

June 14
Vegetable Carving, Garde Manger $25
Chef Villarico

In this class you will be taking a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and learning how to carve them into decorative pieces.  All students will get to try their hand at creating these culinary show-stoppers.

July 19
Sushi $25
Chef Villarico

In this class you will learn about traditional and modern Sushi preparation techniques.  A variety of styles and rolls will be covered using a wide selection of ingredients.  The best part:  all of it gets eaten!

September 6
Pressure Cooking $25
Chef Mattox

In this class you will learn about the efficient and cost effective art of pressure cooking.  You will explore, cook, and taste a variety of products that usually take HOURS to prepare, but only take a fraction of that time in a modern pressure cooker.

October 11
Sugar Workshop $25
Chef DeWitt

This class will focus on furthering your knowledge and experience of using sugar to create decorative dessert showpieces.  All finished work gets to go home with you!

December 13
Holiday Baking $25
Chef Meyer

This class will get us in the holiday spirit by covering some traditional and fun baked goods and pastries to impress your family and friends for the holiday season!

All Classes Times are 8:30 am – 12:00 noon

All Extra Curricular Classes are on a first come (Paid) first serve basis. Classes are limited to no more than 20 participants. Students can register in the Administration office. All students are required to be in full uniform for class participation. Please bring your knife kits. No refunds if canceled within 24 hours of class unless cancelled.

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