Michael Logan, Arizona Culinary Institute’s May 2015 Student of the Month is “Good as Gold – or Good as Bread (in Italian)” As He Retires from the Air Force and Embarks On a New Career with an Italian Flair

Michael Logan, Arizona Culinary Institute’s (ACI) May 2015 Student of the Month retired from the United States Air Force as a Master Sergeant on October 1, 2014, and promptly started down the road on his new life by enrolling at Arizona Culinary Institute on November 10, 2104.

“I’m a career-changer,” notes a very disciplined Logan, “but with the G.I. Bill paying for a majority of my school expenses and the fantastic staff here at ACI, so far my transition has been very smooth.”
Logan spent 12 years of his career in Italy, at both Aviano Air Base, a NATO base in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, and at Ghedi Air Base, close to Lake Garda. “My grandmother was a tremendous cook, and probably my first inspiration into this field, but once you’re in Italy, you see how different their approach to food really is,” marvels Logan. “There are really no chain restaurants. It’s more like ‘here’s today’s menu,’ often created from whatever ingredients have been locally sourced, and with 20 regions, each province in Italy has their own delightful specialty.”

Logan smiles and his mouth waters as he describes his favorite Italian dish, Mezzaluna Alla Zucca:
“It’s half-moon shaped pasta with pumpkin filling served in brown butter and sage sauce, and many chefs add a little Amaretto Cookies for added sweetness,” intones a passionate Logan.

Logan is slated to graduate from ACI in the fall, and true to his disciplined nature, he’s already secured his externship at V’s Taproom in the Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia in Peoria, AZ.
“My goal has always been to be the best – the most valuable person on a team, and I’m excited for my externship because I’ll be able to learn every position in a restaurant, and I believe flexibility is the key to my career success,” explains Logan.
Once his kids are grown and out of school, Logan envisions returning to Italy and working in the food industry in his adopted culinary homeland.

“If you’re not happy in your career, you’re just going through the motions,” reflects Logan. “In the food industry, every day is different, and I gain a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, providing amazing food – and extraordinary service to people.”