Lorin is one of the many students at ACI who is changing their career. He was in the military for 9 years; and then, for the next 15 years, owned his own company servicing clients in the automotive service industry in Las Vegas and New York. He and his wife relocated to Arizona to be near family and he decided to try something totally new!

He took a tour of ACI and was convinced this was the school for him. “I guess cooking was my hobby. I’ve prepared most of the meals for my family for the last 20 years and have always enjoyed it,” said Roder. “Coming to ACI showed me just how much depth there is to creating amazing food. Understanding how to build layers of flavor and how a sauce completes a dish were some of the most rewarding aspects of my education.”

Several months ago, Lorin accepted a position as a personal Chef for a couple here in the Valley. As impressive as that is without having much industry experience, they required a very specific diet which includes gluten free and ketogenic. When asked how he tackled that, Lorin says he just started researching and trying different recipes for his clients. Not all of them were wildly successful, but he understands the concept of customer service and keeping people happy. He says, “You never stop learning. Being challenged is a major part of this business.” He came up with a recipe for tortillas combining pork rinds, cream cheese and eggs. Innovation at its’ best.

His favorite cookbook is from the kitchens of Cooks Illustrated entitled ‘The Science of Good Cooking’. Lorin says he enjoys their approach to testing ingredients and recipes until they are perfected. Sounds like something Chef Santos would say!
Best of luck to you in your culinary endeavors. We see a bright and rewarding future!