SO LONG, BUFFALO – Hello Scottsdale!

Desiree Reger-Izard, Arizona Culinary Institute’s June 2015 Student of the Month Leaves the Snowy Confines of Buffalo, N.Y. for a New Life and Culinary Career in Scottsdale, AZ

Desiree Reger-Izard, Arizona Culinary Institute’s (ACI) June 2015 Student of the Month moved from Buffalo, New York to Scottsdale, Arizona last year to attend Arizona Culinary Institute after one of the worst winters in history.
“That last winter may have indeed prompted my move, but I had been thinking about ACI for the last five years,” laughs Reger-Izard.

Reger-Izard researched culinary schools online; liked what see saw in Arizona Culinary Institute – and moved out here sight unseen after having worked at numerous jobs, including selling cars, investing in real estate, and working as a bartender.
“My grandfather was a chef from Austria, and my grandmother was also a tremendous cook,” explains Reger-Izard. “They threw huge parties and my sisters and I always cooked together, and so I think the seed was planted for my career in the culinary arts very early in my life. I was part of these elaborate dinner parties where the theme would change depending on the season, and it’s a feeling that has stayed with me to this day.”

Reger-Izard also notes that she’s not driven by celebrity or fame, but really just wants “to learn something new every day.” She’ll continue her culinary journey here at ACI as a Baking Fellow for legendary chef instructors Tracy Dewitt and Scott Meyer, and she’s slated to graduate on December 5.

“ACI was the best choice for me because of the world-class instructors who are always there for you, and they’ll answer any questions,” notes Reger-Izard. “At any other culinary school, it would have taken two or three years to acquire this kind of knowledge, and if you’re dedicated and willing to work hard with a passion for food – this is the perfect place.”

Reger-Izard envisions herself one day catering high-end dessert parties, or creating sexy sweets for cocktail parties – a chance to continue her passion for people, food, and fun – long removed from the snow and cold of her past life ….