• Certified Executive Chef
  • Certified Culinary Educator

Professional Achievements

  • Classically-trained French culinary master
  • Veteran of 5-diamond, 4-star Marquesa at the Scottsdale Princess
  • Over 14 years of experience teaching wide variety of cooking styles
  • Culinary Olympic bronze medalist
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“Humble yourself and never stop learning,” is what Chef Villarico often tells his students as he teaches the Advance Cuisine class at ACI. With his unassuming manner and encyclopedic knowledge of fine cuisine, it’s clear he takes his own advice to heart. And as both an acclaimed chef and an instructor of many years, students can be sure his many thoughtful insights come from firsthand experience. Chef Villarico is a formidable culinary competitor. Yet, despite his impressive record, including a recent win at the Culinary Olympics, he’s not especially interested in accolades. When pressed, he’ll tell you he mostly enjoys testing himself. What he really values, he says, is the camaraderie he shares with fellow ACI faculty and students, and the opportunity to share his knowledge with those who like him, are truly passionate about food.