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Arizona Culinary Institute’s goal is to be a student centered campus where everything we do focuses on the student’s education. The mission of the Faculty and Administration is to help our students realize the passion and achieve their dreams.

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2014 Graduate Testimonials

Talia Chambers

“I had a blast at ACI!! Not only did I learn a lot, but the staff/teachers are the most amazing people I’ve ever met! Thank you!”
Vanessa Stanley

“A blessing (repeat 12 times)”
Laz Smith

Spunky Anna Llewellyn

“Fun, I learned a lot about techniques and teamwork”
Mike Falco

“ACI is the best 25 words isn’t enough”
Walter Sprow

“Knowledge rich, information dense. Supported by the best administrative family and taught by the best instructors. A program which mimics the reality of our profession and best prepared us for the requirements of the industry.”
Michael Wolfson

“Quick paced, fun, knowledge, well rounded, real world experience. Would not recommend any other school.”
Daniel Skaggs

“This school was the best decision I made. I now have a great job and very happy. Thank you very much.”
Thomas Guzman

“Amazing experience. I was allowed to learn and grow with the help of exceptional chefs. I didn’t just learn to cook. Arizona Culinary became my family.”
Heather Warner

“My experience was incredible. I learned so much more than I thought I would. The chef instructors and staff were amazing.”
Erica East

“Hands on experience and learning French technique, real world experience and training.”
Andres Rodriguez

“A wonderful experience. I wouldn’t have chosen another school.”
Jax Pelletier

“Arizona Culinary Institute is a great school to learn management skills.”
Matthew Hemphill

“A fun experience! Great instructors!”
Carol Tesser

“It was awesome. I miss it. I miss Chef Santos so much”
Paola Valdez

“Enjoyed learning to enhance my culinary skills.”
Kendall Kowalsky

“Very educational wish had a little more time but greatful to be able to come back to learn more.”
Rachael Sorrells

“This school taught me so much and I am so excited to use it in my near future.”
Maggie Cox

“It was the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”
Arielle Stewart

“It is a great school and I Loved that they teach you everything other than making you choose between baking or culinary. I would tell my friends to come here if they ever wanted go to a culinary school.”
Nicole Ansell

“I think the program is exactly what every cook needs. A boot camp to give you skills and confidence.”
Mark Ronquillo

“My experience was unforgettable.”
Mike DePaemelaere

“I learned a lot from ACI. It was a great school.”
Jessica Wetzel

“Great experience. I learned a lot and met a lot of great people.”
Anthony Palumbo

“Absolutely real world and awesome.”
John Davis

“My experience was awesome. I would recommend this school to anyone.”
Megan Duncan

“Very hands on and a life changing event.”
Korbin Scheider

“Loved the small classes and the hands on experience.”
Kim Aker

“Fun! Small class was great.”
Jennifer Poehler

“ACI provided a wonderful program that offers the skills and knowledge required to work in many service industry positions.”
Christopher Hunt

“Very educational and hands on.”
Andres Rodriguez

“It was amazing and definitely worth it. I met great people and learned so much. Best 7 months of my life.”
Tennessee Walker

“School was amazing and I enjoyed it very much! I met great people and will never forget my experience.”
Ashley Adams

“My education at ACI prepared me for the professional kitchen. The chefs were supportive of my goals and desire to learn. Each course allowed me to practice the material hands on in the kitchen.”
Mallory Soule

“I had a lot of fun going to school at ACI. I learned so much and it helped a great deal in preparing me for the Marriott.”
Jacob Silver

“I enjoyed my period of education. I wish it was longer.”
Breanah Robinson

“Coming to this school has been the best decision of my life!”
Will Buchholz

“Educational and engaging all at the same time.”
Dustin Hackworth

“Overall excellent. I enjoyed learning with a truly hands-on approach.”
Francesca Hinojosa

“Overall it was a great experience and I learned many life experiences.”
Christina Yotsuji


2013 Graduate Testimonials

“It was such a great experience.”
Tyler Smith

“It was a great experience and i will always remember Arizona Culinary Institute.”
Lee Laveglia

“This was the best decision I ever made.”
Natalie Shriner

“I had the best time here. Glad I choose this school. I admire all my instructors and love all the hands-on work. Best decision I’ve made.”
Alfredo Flores, Jr.

“Can’t put into words.”
Luis Hernandez

“Very nice! All the chefs and staff are excellent. I miss it!”
James Ferrell

“My experience at ACI was great. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I love all of my chefs.”
Nicole Politi

“Awesome. Loved it. Exceptional.”
Marty Heinrich

“Fantastic! Challenging: a thoroughly enjoyable experience.”
Charity Smith

“The entire school term was exciting and educational.”
Sean P. Kush

“I was glad to be starting my future. I enjoyed school very much.”
Beatrice Chang

“Great head start for the industry. I Learned a lot.”
Jeremy Busonic

“I have learned with great imagination comes great flavors and a great many more chances at becoming what has stewed inside for so long.”
Peter Dahm

“Loved it! I learned so much at a fast pace with AMAZING (!) chefs.”
Lena Alshire

“Tough, enjoying and very thorough.”
Isaac Torres

“AMAZING life changing i would recommend it to anyone considering a culinary education.”
Bryce Dunivan

“Well rounded, robust program with truly caring and knowledgeable staff.”
Kristen Summers

“It was a lot of fun and a lot of hands on activities/experience.”
Tanner Wakefield

“I loved my time at ACI. It was amazing and I learned more than I ever could have imagined.”
Elizabeth Guigni

“The most hands on experience I could have ever asked for. The instructors have a true desire to see us succeed.”
Michael Salazar

“Best decision I ever made. Amazing instructors, mentors and friends made. All of the chef instructors impacted my life in ways I will never forget.”
Jen Balderas

“The education I received from ACI was such an eye opening event into the amazing world of culinary arts.”
Matthew Nelson

“Fast paced. Real chefs. World class instruction family.Totally satisfied. Good food.”
Ian Hodo

“It was fantastic.”
Calena Strutowski

“I would recommend this school to anyone who enjoys cooking.”
Josh Hale

“My education at ACI has been something that I constantly refer back to on a daily basis. It is such a comprehensive program, it prepares one for the many different challenges and jobs, plus hospitality that is encountered in such a resort as The Four Seasons. It is why I am such a versatile and valued worker.”
Anita Fisher Young

“Wonderful, I learned so much that will help me grow in the future. I love ACI.”
Ryan McBride

“I very much enjoyed my experience at Arizona Culinary Institute. I’m not cooking now, but plan to go back to it next summer in Oregon. Thanks for helping me become a snowbird.”
Steve Gaskins

“The education far surpasses that of the position I was hired for.”
Vincent McReynolds

“It help me a lot. It opened my mind, for education to discover my passion in life and follow it.”
Sahira Figueroa

“I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. I probably created some of the best memories of my life. Love all of the staff.”
Zach Hacker

Other Alumni Testimonials

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without ACI. Thank you”
Mike Raibley, 2005

“Of course I am very proud of my alma mater. I was able to get hands on teaching with great instructors. I learned so much during my time there.”
Erik Syhre 2009

“Great hands on instruction right from the get go. If you are interested in getting started in the culinary industry quickly and learning key techniques and skills immediately this is the school you’ll want to attend”.
Donna Londot 2011

“Arizona Culinary Institute has given me everything I have needed in my career and more. I cannot put into words how valuable the education I received at this school.”
Eric Naddy 2007

“Yes I would endorse ACI. It is the best school to learn and get into the industry without the pressure of having to wait two years and spending lots of money on tuition. Small classes with lots of hands on from experienced chef instructors. If I could do it all over again, ACI would be my choice again”.
Robert Medina 2008

“ACI is a great school. It is the perfect jump start for a job in the culinary field. Teachers are great at ACI. You can tell how much they care by the effort and the time they put in to make sure the students get everything they need”.
Mike Ground 2008

“I’ve taken city college courses all over the West Coast. Truly the best staff. Thanks for everything”.
Mitchell Aiton 2012

“My time spent at ACI was wonderful. Yes, it was intense. But the knowledge I learned from the talented chefs at ACI will be with me forever.”
Faye Christian 2012

“ACI’s curriculum and employment assistance program helped open the door to amazing opportunities in the hospitality industry. It’s nice to know that I can still reach out to my former instructors for advice. Now looking back after 5 years I ’m so happy I chose to attend ACI. I am also pleased to see that this is one of the few schools that has kept the Meat Fabrication class in their curriculum.”
Denise Daniels 2009

“ACI has given me the foundation needed for me to succeed in this industry. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to be ahead of the game”
Steve Gaines 2010

“One of a kind hands on experience, thorough and preparing! The experience I had while going to this school truly changed my life. It prepared me for real life in the kitchen world and I couldn’t thank the wonderful people at Arizona Culinary enough. You guys do an amazing job.”
Jessica Camp 2008

“ACI has more hands on classes compared to traditional culinary schools.
Emilou Savage 2010

“ACI was a place I could geek out with those who also loved food and had a hunger for sharing it.“
Naomi Hernandez 2011

“ACI more than provided the tools to success in a very competitive industry. The small classes and personal feedback elevated my passion.”
Jennifer Toomey 2003

“This school is the best. It set me up with a great job and I learned so much.”
Jared Moses 2014

“Love the school, all the instructors are great and have a lot of knowledge”
Johnnie Johnson 2014

“ACI instilled in me high standards in finding great ingredients, food safety standards and producing a beautiful product.”
Theresa Hawgood 2009

“I graduated almost 9 years ago and I still stay in contact with a couple of my instructors and whenever someone is interested in attending culinary school I always recommend ACI first. Love the fact that if I ever want to brush up on something in our field, like meat fabrication, I am always welcomed back.”
Elijah Markley 2006

“Best choice I ever made was to go to ACI. It’ll set you off on the right course.”
Barbara Napper 2012

“What a great hands on program! This program really teaches you how to enter and move up in the field.”
Ben Garret 2009

“I loved my school, it taught me so much. But more importantly it made me into the chef I needed to be to be successful. ACI will always be in my heart.”
Anthony Kessen 2010

“ACI was a life changing opportunity. It was one of the things that opened my mind to a new passion.”
Jonathan Black 2008

“After working for a time in multiple restaurants and comparing the graduates of ACI to other schools, the choice became obvious. ACI is hands down the best culinary school in the state”
James Pitts 2013

“ACI was so helpful with their knowledge and program. I would and have recommended it to everyone who is trying to enter the culinary or hospitality field.”
Enoch Herrara 2005

“Arizona Culinary changed my life for the better more than once. From the classes to continued job placement assistance over the years I will be forever grateful”.
Jenelle Beasley 2010

“ACI was a great experience! My only regret is that the program wasn’t longer- I would have liked to attend another year.”
Dyan Haugen 2004



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