Earn your diploma in Culinary Arts, Baking and Restaurant Management

Arizona Culinary Institute’s program was designed to make sensible and efficient use of your time and resources. Students are able to complete our program and earn their diplomas in as little as 8 months. Our program begins with 6 weeks dedicated to learning the “Basics,” which allows you to begin or enhance your career. You will never grasp these basic skills fully in an academic classroom, so be prepared to start cooking right away!

  • Basic Culinary Arts I - 6.5 Credits ( 105 Hours )

    Students are given a thorough introduction into the basic skills, techniques, concepts and theory involved in professional cooking. Emphasis is given to Classical French Cooking Theory including The Principles of Escoffier, The Mother Sauces, and a variety of traditional and modern preparation techniques. Students are taught proper knife skills and handling, safety and sanitation including ServSafe Certification. Class is theory and practical. | Back To Top

  • Basic Culinary Arts II - 6.5 Credits ( 105 Hours )

    The knowledge gained in BCA I is further enhanced to complete a solid foundation upon which to build. Techniques and speed are improved and refined with practice. Students are introduced to and prepare a greater variety of stocks, soups and sauces, fresh vegetables and produce. Essential knowledge of mise en place, Garde Manger and food presentation skills are introduced. Class is theory and practical. | Back To Top

  • Saucier & Meat Fabrication - 6 Credits ( 105 Hours )

    Advanced soups, stock making, and a great variety of modern and traditional derivative sauces are taught. Knife and Garde Manger skills are further enhanced. Students continue to work with a variety of meat, seafood and poultry and are taught to fabricate menu items. Charcuterie and forcemeats taught include a variety of sausages, pates and galantines. Class is theory and practical. Culinary French is also taught. | Back To Top

  • Baking and Pastry - 5.5 Credits ( 105 Hours )

    Students are taught the fundamental skills used in bakeries and preparing bakery products. Baking theory is taught and applied including weights and measures, safety and sanitation. Students will prepare quickbreads, yeast breads, croissants, cakes, pies, pastry, pastry creams, brioche, frostings and icings. Class is theory and practical. | Back To Top

  • Management, Wines & Spirits - 3 Credits ( 45 Hours )

    This course teaches students the skills needed to manage, staff, and supervise restaurant employees. Restaurant Operations, design, concept research and marketing, budgeting, staff supervision and training is covered. Hospitality industry legal issues including liability, EEOC and ADA compliance are discussed. The Wines & Spirits section includes wine varieties and food matching, history and legal issues including licensing and dram shop laws. | Back To Top

  • Career Development - 1.5 Credits ( 22.5 Hours )

    Students are taught the skills needed to develop their personal blueprint for successful career search and development. These skills include resume writing, interviewing skills and how to effectively use social media. Students will be using the Career Edge program which offers online access to career tips, job search tools and their personal profile portal. | Back To Top

  • Advance Baking, Pastry & Showpieces - 6 Credits ( 105 Hours )

    Baking skills are polished as students learn more difficult baking, pastry and dessert techniques. Emphasis is placed on presentation, plating and appearance. Curriculum includes chocolate work, sugar work and complex cake decorating including wedding cakes and fondant. Class is theory and practical. | Back To Top

  • Restaurant Operations - 6.5 Credits ( 105 Hours )

    Students will operate du Jour Restaurant, ACI’s fine dining facility. du Jour is open to the public and students gain a practical understanding of operations by running the restaurant and staffing all positions including, maitre d’, waiting and bartending. Although culinary terminology is taught throughout the program, students in this class are taught the vocabulary of Culinary French. Class is theory and practical. | Back To Top

  • Advance Cuisine – Du Jour Restaurant - 6 Credits ( 105 Hours )

    Complete meals are prepared by our most advanced students in the fully equipped front line kitchen. Weekly menus served to the public include a variety of European, American and International cuisines and items are rotated daily. Students gain experience by moving among various stations and using only the finest ingredients. Class is theory and practical. | Back To Top

  • Internship - 7 Credits ( 210 Hours )

    The final course of our program is a paid position as an Intern at a restaurant, resort, catering or other culinary location. You will be paid to work as you gain and document valuable experience. The Internship period will give you beneficial exposure and will help you choose and attain permanent employment that is right for you. | Back To Top