A Note From ACI’s Executive Chef March 2015

From Executive Chef Christopher Wolf, ccc, cce, cpi, csw

The phrase of the month for March is definitely: Local Produce. 2015 has definitely been the year of “farm to table” for us at ACI, and it certainly was evident this month! We have been ordering local produce from Tonopah Rob’s Vegetable Farm and from Agritopia now for several weeks. Bruce and I (Chef Wolf) also get a CSA ½ share from Agritopia every week to split for our personal use. On March 14th we had our first ever ACI on-campus farmer’s market with 2 local farms, goat cheese, hot-sauces, breads (baked by us), olive oil, and a great food truck. The turn-out was good, the product was amazing, and the vibe was excellent. Then, the cherry on top, was on March 21st when Chef Wolf, Chef Wilson, Chef Riggolet, Chef Smith, and about 10 student volunteers, went out to Tonopah Rob’s to do a farm fundraiser dinner ON THE FARM. Product was pulled fresh from the farm, prepared on site in a make-shift kitchen, and served to about 40 hungry-vegetable-loving guest! The response was spectacular, not just from the guests, but from us as well. It really was a special experience. Perhaps there will be more in the future…..

We start our first spring break for a week beginning 3/30 through 4/3, but as soon as we return, we have an open house on Saturday, April 11th, from 9am until noon. Chef Santos is doing a fruit and vegetable carving/garde manger class there as well. If you’ve never been to one of those classes before, this is a fun one!

We are getting ready to start dinner service again in Du Jour. We will have dinners on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 6:30 from mid-April until June. Dates can be viewed here  Dinner service in Du Jour is such a nice experience, and with your student discount…there’s isn’t a better deal in town!

Lastly, I do want to welcome Chef Ron Lawrence to the Faculty. Ron is an ACI graduate and we are thrilled to welcome him back to campus, but this time as an instructor. He is currently training with Chef Santos, and then he will run Du Jour for dinner service at night. Good luck Chef Lawrence!
Have a great spring everyone, and enjoy this amazing weather. Go get something to eat!!!

Chef Christopher Wolf

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